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iPhone 4s wifi grayed out temporary fix

I am facing issues of WiFi button grayed out and battery draining very fast after upgrading from iOS 7.0 to iOS 7.0.3. I have been searching through internet right after this issue happened with my iDevice. My three colleagues don't have problems after upgrading to iOS 7.0.3 except for one saying battery draining is fast. Many people tried putting their iPhone's into freezer and I am one of them and it got fixed temporarily for at least 5 minutes. I kept it in freezer for 20 minutes and WiFi button reappeared. Interesting information, when in freezer it contracts hardware parts and WiFi reappears and again after sometime due to heat WiFi button gets grayed out again. You can see device logs by downloading iPhone configuration utility. Also I can see kernel panic logs related to WiFi inside iPhone diagnostic which you can see (if you have any) by going in Settings -> General -> About -> Diagnostic & Usage -> Diagnostic & Usage Data. Now question is,

Real-Time collaborative coding in Eclipse using Saros

If you guys work as a team or most preferably pair programming then you are going to enjoy this post. Usually if you and your teammate want to write different functions into same file then either of you write first or later. However Saros lets two of you do this in real-time collaborative way. You can follow someone and whatever files open on his/her machines you can see on your machine instantly with the live changes being done. So how to install it and what are prerequisite software needed for that 1. If you have existing XMPP account you can use it or you can setup your own XMPP server. My and their preferable way is to install your own XMPP server and create accounts in it. You can use jabber servers too. Go to . I use Openfire server. 2. It is recommended that all accounts must be on same server and create all user accounts on Openfire server. 3. Install Saros eclipse plugin and configure it with your account. 4. Now create any project in your eclipse and

Share text right away with your colleagues using Mailinator

Some weeks ago in office there was a training program. Trainer wanted to share a link to his jsfiddle demo. As everyone in the room was from different project groups no one had a single point of sharing information. One of the guy in the room shouted send this link to and everyone go on  and type synerzip and click on Check Inbox button. So this is how we shared information. 1. Now, What is Mailinator? A. They state that, it is "Free. Disposable. Email.". Basically, It is a public domain email. 2. How long shared information lasts? A. It will be deleted in several hours. 3. Can I share pictures, attachements and/or binary files? A. Simply, No. Only plain text. 4. Do they have any rejection criteria? A. Apart from question 3, other rejection criteria includes email size and too many recipients. After watching below steps of how to use it, it doesn't take much time to understand the notion. Step 1 Ste

Share mouse, keyboard and files over WiFi with Free applications

I am very happy to share information about applications that you will be reading below. These applications are not only for developers but also for end users of Windows or Mac or Linux. From last two days I have been working on two different computers i.e. on Mac as well as on Windows. I was continuously switching back and forth between these devices and I was fed up of using individual keyboard and touchpad. After thinking for a while I googled for "share mouse, keyboard and files over wifi" and I got following applications. Synergy - Share Mouse/Touchpad and Keyboard between computers. You just need to configure settings to work with, which are pretty easy to figure out. Install it on every device. Most important thing is, it's cross platform and open source. As Synergy does not yet support file copy and paste, I am using following utility to easily copy and paste files across machines. AnySend - This is a nice and free utility which you can run with

A simple to use wrapper over Node.JS mysql library

I was working on a project on Node.JS platform. In this project I was suppose to exchange data with MySql server. For this purpose I used two packages which are available in NPM repository, namely, mysql  and mysql-queues . Later is required because former driver yet doesn't support transaction feature of MySql database. If you go through them you will be confused a little bit and will find it difficult to understand in one go. To simplify this situation I created an easy to use wrapper over these two libraries. You can find my wrapper on GitHub by following this link . I am still in progress of making it feature rich. How to use this wrapper: Install mysql and mysql-queues using npm install command. Download wrapper by going on this link . Now you can use it in a way that is specified below: Initialize object var dbClass = require('DB'); var options = {}; = 'localhost'; options.user = 'root'; options.password = 'root

Repair anything yourself using guides on iFixit

Recently, I raised my Macbook Pro's RAM up to 8 GB. My machine is Macbook Pro 13" (mid 2010). I was worried about opening my Mac and replacing RAMs myself. But still determined to change RAMs. After searching on internet I came across a website named . They say that it is a free repair manual. I followed this guide to change RAM. It is described in very simple and easy steps. Guide even tells you which tools will be required to perform repair. If you go to their about section, it states that, "We're building the free repair manual for everything". Also they encourage you to contribute repairs. You can follow this link to contribute repair. Currently you can find repair guides for following things Mac, Game Console, Phone, iPhone, Car & Truck, Camera, PC, iPad, iPod, Appliance etc. For those who are interested to know which RAM I used and from where I bought it. The answer for former is G.Skill SQ For MAC DDR3 4 GB and for later is Fl

Monetize your Facebook application in four easy steps

You have a great Facebook application and generating a decent amount of impressions then, probably, it's time to generate money from your Facebook application. There are various methods of monetizing, like displaying ads and/or using Facebook Credits. Facebook Credits are like a virtual currency. You can use it to buy virtual goods in any games or apps of the Facebook platform that accept payments. Currently, I am monetizing my Facebook application by the method of displaying ads. Follow below four simple and easy steps to start monetizing your Facebook application: Find the Facebook ads providers list by going on Choose and register as a publisher with one of these ads providers. (Ads providers may take time because they will review your application.) Once ads providers review your application, you can create ads slots. Grab the code from those ads slots and place them into your Facebook application at appropriate place

Map your trek route on Google Maps without any application andconnectivity?

Last year on 16th of July, we trekked from Talapewadi to Bhimashankar. It was a very great experience and you feel relieved when you go close to the nature. While trekking as usual everyone was taking photographs and I was no exception. I was taking photographs using my brand new Nokia Lumia 800 (now I no longer own it) which has functionality of attaching GPS locations to clicked photographs. And luckily I clicked photographs on important turns of trek. Trek was of almost 23 kilometers. After returning home I used those photographs to extract GPS locations using Garmin Basecamp application. You can import these geotagged photos into Garmin Basecamp application. Give some nice name to the collection. Now right click on all photos and select "view in Google Earth" and you are done. So to summarize, the things that you will need to map your hike on Google Maps are as follows: A camera with geotagging facility. Software that can extract all the GPS co-ordinates from

How to recover your forgotten ISP password from router?

Most of us would like to use Internet on multiple devices at home or office. To use Internet on multiple devices, you need to make use of a router. Certainly you can share Internet connection using computer that is connected to Internet. However there are some limitations associated with that method. You have to keep that computer ON for others to let use Internet that will consume lots of power. Coming back to our real topic. So you have a router with ISP username and password in it and you don't remember the password. You can either call ISP and ask to reset the password that will take 2-3 days (may be more depends on willingness of ISP provider :)) OR you can follow below steps to recover the password: Make sure that you are connected to the router from which you have to recover ISP password. Login to your router using a web browser. Usually most routers have default IP address (unless you have changed it) which you have to type it in your browser's

How to replace multiple spaces with one space?

I came up with the situation of replacing multiple spaces with single space in SQL. I got the solution from a site but it was very difficult to understand at first look. So I got into deep to find out exactly how it works? I really liked the trick and it made me write this blog post. This could be useful where regex expressions are not available. The logic is explained in the video below. For visualization purpose space is represented as ‘@’ character and ‘#’ can be any random character which never occurs in strings as a normal character. I am repeating again, Consider @ = white space # = any random character that is never used as a normal character in strings. [sql] replace( replace( replace( trim(‘string’) , ‘@@’,’@#’ ) ,’#@’,’’) ,’#’,’’)[/sql] By the way the editor utility which I am using in this video is Notepad++ which is free and open source editor and a video utility to create video which I used is CamStudio it is also free and

How to get list of countries using firebug, jQuerify and Firefox

While working on a project I wanted a list of all possible countries for my web application. Of course I wanted to put it into database. The query was as shown below: INSERT INTO Country VALUES(‘CountryName’,1,NOW(),1,NOW()); I found countries from Yahoo directories from this link . Now imagine how long it would have taken If I would have copied each country name from that page to write insert queries. Instead I used firebug console. Once you open firebug console click on jQuerify (you have to install this add-on separately.) In firebug console I typed following command $('ul li a b').each(function(){ document.write("INSERT INTO Country VALUES('" + $(this).text() + "',1,NOW(),1,NOW());<br>"); }); And it generated following output INSERT INTO Country VALUES(‘Afghanistan’,1,NOW(),1,NOW()); INSERT INTO Country VALUES(‘Albania’,1,NOW(),1,NOW()); INSERT INTO Country VALUES(‘Algeria’,1,NOW(),1,NOW()); INSERT INTO Country VALUES(

System wide equalizer for your Mac, Windows and Ubuntu

As the speed of internet is increasing, most of us prefer to hear songs/music or watch videos online (examples: Spotify, Youtube etc.) than downloading it.  However there are some people who would like to hear every beat of songs/music or while watching educational video preference would be to the vocals. When you hear music offline you can use equalizer available in music applications like Winamp, iTunes etc. But when you hear music online you don’t have any option to alter equalizer. In this situation you need system wide sound booster or equalizer. I was also searching for the same kind of applications and I found following applications. For Mac - Boom For Windows - Audio Enhancer Bongiovi DPS Plugin For Ubuntu - PulseAudio Equalizer If you know any other applications please do post in comments below.