System wide equalizer for your Mac, Windows and Ubuntu

As the speed of internet is increasing, most of us prefer to hear songs/music or watch videos online (examples: Spotify, Youtube etc.) than downloading it.  However there are some people who would like to hear every beat of songs/music or while watching educational video preference would be to the vocals. When you hear music offline you can use equalizer available in music applications like Winamp, iTunes etc.

But when you hear music online you don’t have any option to alter equalizer. In this situation you need system wide sound booster or equalizer. I was also searching for the same kind of applications and I found following applications.

For Mac - Boom

For Windows - Audio Enhancer Bongiovi DPS Plugin

For Ubuntu - PulseAudio Equalizer

If you know any other applications please do post in comments below.


Unknown said…
I prefer to listen my music with a media player. For this, I installed a winamp windows 10 on my computer. I like when all of my music sounds from one player, it's more comfortable for me/. I prefer winamp, more that other's players, that exist for WIndows.

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