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Share text right away with your colleagues using Mailinator

Some weeks ago in office there was a training program. Trainer wanted to share a link to his jsfiddle demo. As everyone in the room was from different project groups no one had a single point of sharing information. One of the guy in the room shouted send this link to and everyone go on  and type synerzip and click on Check Inbox button. So this is how we shared information. 1. Now, What is Mailinator? A. They state that, it is "Free. Disposable. Email.". Basically, It is a public domain email. 2. How long shared information lasts? A. It will be deleted in several hours. 3. Can I share pictures, attachements and/or binary files? A. Simply, No. Only plain text. 4. Do they have any rejection criteria? A. Apart from question 3, other rejection criteria includes email size and too many recipients. After watching below steps of how to use it, it doesn't take much time to understand the notion. Step 1 Ste