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6 steps to create local copy of your live WordPress site

I know there are bunch of other posts on how to create local copy of your live WordPress site, however, they are too much descriptive. Here I will show you step by step approach rather than descriptive one. 1. Export your live database into an sql file. 2. Download/Copy your live WordPress site folder to your local machine. 3. Move your downloaded WordPress site files inside local server’s web root. 4. Open exported sql file using notepad or any other editor of your choice and replace “” with “http://localhost/wordpress” and Save that file. (CAUTION: This file could be very large so replacing might take time. Command for replacing file content on *nix based system.) 5. Import database from that sql file into your local mysql database. 6. Open wp-config.php file which you can find inside your copied WordPress folder. In that file replace DB_NAME with your local WordPress database which you imported in above step. DB_USER with database user name. D