How to recover your forgotten ISP password from router?

Most of us would like to use Internet on multiple devices at home or office. To use Internet on multiple devices, you need to make use of a router. Certainly you can share Internet connection using computer that is connected to Internet. However there are some limitations associated with that method. You have to keep that computer ON for others to let use Internet that will consume lots of power.

Coming back to our real topic. So you have a router with ISP username and password in it and you don't remember the password. You can either call ISP and ask to reset the password that will take 2-3 days (may be more depends on willingness of ISP provider :)) OR you can follow below steps to recover the password:

  • Make sure that you are connected to the router from which you have to recover ISP password.

  • Login to your router using a web browser. Usually most routers have default IP address (unless you have changed it) which you have to type it in your browser's address bar and hit enter.

  • Now you will get a prompt to enter username and password to log into router configuration. Again this by default username is "admin" and password is also "admin". (unless you have changed it :)).

  • Navigate to WAN settings page. Now you will see your username and password in the form of stars.

  • If you are using Firefox browser and have firebug add-on installed or chrome browser, right click on password field and from context menu select menu having string "Inspect". Click on the images below to see bigger images.

  • A window will open with a highlighted field. You will see something like
    <input type="password">

  • Click on "password" word and change that string to "text". Now it should look like
    <input type="text">

  • And there you got your ISP password.

See video demo of how to do above steps:


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