Repair anything yourself using guides on iFixit

Recently, I raised my Macbook Pro's RAM up to 8 GB. My machine is Macbook Pro 13" (mid 2010). I was worried about opening my Mac and replacing RAMs myself. But still determined to change RAMs. After searching on internet I came across a website named They say that it is a free repair manual.

I followed this guide to change RAM. It is described in very simple and easy steps. Guide even tells you which tools will be required to perform repair.

If you go to their about section, it states that, "We're building the free repair manual for everything". Also they encourage you to contribute repairs. You can follow this link to contribute repair. Currently you can find repair guides for following things Mac, Game Console, Phone, iPhone, Car & Truck, Camera, PC, iPad, iPod, Appliance etc.

For those who are interested to know which RAM I used and from where I bought it. The answer for former is G.Skill SQ For MAC DDR3 4 GB and for later is Flipkart.

See below opened Macbook Pro 13" video that I made myself.


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