Monetize your Facebook application in four easy steps


You have a great Facebook application and generating a decent amount of impressions then, probably, it's time to generate money from your Facebook application. There are various methods of monetizing, like displaying ads and/or using Facebook Credits. Facebook Credits are like a virtual currency. You can use it to buy virtual goods in any games or apps of the Facebook platform that accept payments.

Currently, I am monetizing my Facebook application by the method of displaying ads.

Follow below four simple and easy steps to start monetizing your Facebook application:

  1. Find the Facebook ads providers list by going on

  2. Choose and register as a publisher with one of these ads providers. (Ads providers may take time because they will review your application.)

  3. Once ads providers review your application, you can create ads slots.

  4. Grab the code from those ads slots and place them into your Facebook application at appropriate places.

Readers always ask me following questions:

Q1: Can I use Google AdSense with Facebook applications?
Answer: No. AdSense is not in Facebook approved list of advertisers.

Q2: Where can I get the list of ads providers for Facebook applications?

Q3: What is your Facebook application and what it does?
Answer: It's a simple app which extracts birthdays of your friends and gives you an "ics" file.

Q4: What is the link to your Facebook application?
Answer: App name and link is Birthdays of my friends. Link to Facebook page

Q5: What can I do with an "ics" file?
Answer: You can import that file into Google Calendar, Apple iCal, iPhone, Android, and Mozilla Thunderbird etc.

Q6: What ads providers do you use?
Answer: I use LifeStreetMedia.

Q7: Which ads providers do you recommend?
Answer: I can recommend LifeStreetMedia as I use it. I have seen many people recommending RockYou as well.

P.S. I don't have any connections with LifeStreetMedia / RockYou and they are not paying me anything to mention them here. Links are only for the purpose of ease for you to navigate.

Attribution: Facebook logo above is from WikiMedia Commons and link to it is this.


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