Share mouse, keyboard and files over WiFi with Free applications

I am very happy to share information about applications that you will be reading below. These applications are not only for developers but also for end users of Windows or Mac or Linux. From last two days I have been working on two different computers i.e. on Mac as well as on Windows. I was continuously switching back and forth between these devices and I was fed up of using individual keyboard and touchpad. After thinking for a while I googled for "share mouse, keyboard and files over wifi" and I got following applications.

Synergy - Share Mouse/Touchpad and Keyboard between computers. You just need to configure settings to work with, which are pretty easy to figure out. Install it on every device. Most important thing is, it's cross platform and open source.

As Synergy does not yet support file copy and paste, I am using following utility to easily copy and paste files across machines.

AnySend - This is a nice and free utility which you can run with very less efforts and transfer files between your PCs and MACs. This is somewhat similar to Apple AirDrop. To use this just copy the files as you would do it on local machine. Click on AnySend icon which you can find on menubar above if you are using Mac or in task-bar if you are using windows. Now select name of device that you want to send and boom!!!, your files are on another machine.

If you happen to know utilities similar to above or entirely different then mention below in comments.


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