Real-Time collaborative coding in Eclipse using Saros

If you guys work as a team or most preferably pair programming then you are going to enjoy this post. Usually if you and your teammate want to write different functions into same file then either of you write first or later. However Saros lets two of you do this in real-time collaborative way. You can follow someone and whatever files open on his/her machines you can see on your machine instantly with the live changes being done.

So how to install it and what are prerequisite software needed for that
1. If you have existing XMPP account you can use it or you can setup your own XMPP server. My and their preferable way is to install your own XMPP server and create accounts in it. You can use jabber servers too. Go to
I use Openfire server.
2. It is recommended that all accounts must be on same server and create all user accounts on Openfire server.
3. Install Saros eclipse plugin and configure it with your account.
4. Now create any project in your eclipse and share it with your colleagues.


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