iPhone 4s wifi grayed out temporary fix

I am facing issues of WiFi button grayed out and battery draining very fast after upgrading from iOS 7.0 to iOS 7.0.3. I have been searching through internet right after this issue happened with my iDevice. My three colleagues don't have problems after upgrading to iOS 7.0.3 except for one saying battery draining is fast.

Many people tried putting their iPhone's into freezer and I am one of them and it got fixed temporarily for at least 5 minutes. I kept it in freezer for 20 minutes and WiFi button reappeared. Interesting information, when in freezer it contracts hardware parts and WiFi reappears and again after sometime due to heat WiFi button gets grayed out again.

You can see device logs by downloading iPhone configuration utility. Also I can see kernel panic logs related to WiFi inside iPhone diagnostic which you can see (if you have any) by going in Settings -> General -> About -> Diagnostic & Usage -> Diagnostic & Usage Data.

Now question is, whether is it a hardware issue or software issue? People have different opinions as follows:
1. If you can't see WiFi mac address then it's a hardware problem.
2. If you can see WiFi mac address then it's a software problem.
3. If device log contains something like "ERROR: WiFi device not found" most probably it's a hardware problem.
4. If device log doesn't contain above error then again it's most probably software problem.

I can see following line in log but don't know really what it means:
kernel[0] : 000046.597746 wlan.E[94] AppleBCMWLANCore::saveDebugInfo(): Please file a radar in "Purple WiFi Drivers" using the instructions at <http://eightball.apple.com/luna/index.php/Debugging_Wifi_Problems#Capturing_Debug_Info>

So to summarize, what things I tried until now to fix the problem
1. Restoring when in DFU mode as iCloud Find My iPhone was enabled and as there is no WiFi, No Data, I was unable to not able to restore.
2. Restarting iPhone 20 times.
3. Resetting Network settings 100 times.
5. Tried to downgrade desperately but wasn't possible.
4. Putting iPhone in freezer for 20 minutes.

At last I have decided to wait until Apple's next update.


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