Map your trek route on Google Maps without any application andconnectivity?

Last year on 16th of July, we trekked from Talapewadi to Bhimashankar. It was a very great experience and you feel relieved when you go close to the nature. While trekking as usual everyone was taking photographs and I was no exception. I was taking photographs using my brand new Nokia Lumia 800 (now I no longer own it) which has functionality of attaching GPS locations to clicked photographs. And luckily I clicked photographs on important turns of trek. Trek was of almost 23 kilometers.

After returning home I used those photographs to extract GPS locations using Garmin Basecamp application. You can import these geotagged photos into Garmin Basecamp application. Give some nice name to the collection. Now right click on all photos and select "view in Google Earth" and you are done.

So to summarize, the things that you will need to map your hike on Google Maps are as follows:

  1. A camera with geotagging facility.

  2. Software that can extract all the GPS co-ordinates from geotagged photos.

  3. Google Earth to view those GPS co-ordinates and thereafter to share it with the world.

Those who are lazy to read, video demo is as follows:

Download the route file that you have seen in above video. You need Google Earth to open this file.

If you want to use this file publicly give attribution as

P.S. :- This is for purely educational purpose. I have no connection with Garmin BaseCamp.

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