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How brunch HTML5 build tool works?

I have been working on a web app in which I am using brunch.…

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Scroll a document by just moving your head

Scroll Document using Head an

I am very excited about this post. It is regarding head tracking and how to use it for scrolling a document.…

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How to setup your own chat server

Openfire pidgin chat demo

Most of the times you wish to setup your own chat server.…

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Useful Sublime Text shortcuts to get you started quickly

A few useful shortcuts of sublime text

Sublime Text has now become a choice of editor for most developers.…

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How to detect wordpress theme of a site and plugins used

So you wonder which theme is used by a particular website!…

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Things you should consider before starting a blog


It’s been a year, I am writing blog posts. I thought it is an easy task.…

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How to create syntax highlighter using jQuery

syntax-highlighter-animatedToday I am going to show you how to create a basic code highlighter for website.…

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KineticJS – draw lines using mouse tutorial

kineticjs line drawing using mouse

In this post we will see how to draw lines using mouse with KineticJS canvas library.…

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6 steps to create local copy of your live WordPress site

Create copy of live wordpress site on local machine

I know there are bunch of other posts on how to create local copy of your live WordPress site, however, they are too much descriptive.…

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DataSync PhoneGap/Web applications using LocalStorage

Offline / Online Data Sync
Recently I have developed a PhoneGap application in which I wanted to synchronize data with server.…