Monday, 22 July 2013

A simple to use wrapper over Node.JS mysql library

I was working on a project on Node.JS platform. In this project I was suppose to exchange data with MySql server. For this purpose I used two packages which are available in NPM repository, namely, mysql and mysql-queues. Later is required because former driver yet doesn't support transaction feature of MySql database. If you go through them you will be confused a little bit and will find it difficult to understand in one go. To simplify this situation I created an easy to use wrapper over these two libraries.


You can find my wrapper on GitHub by following this link. I am still in progress of making it feature rich.

How to use this wrapper:
  • Install mysql and mysql-queues using npm install command.

  • Download wrapper by going on this link.

Now you can use it in a way that is specified below:

Initialize object

 var dbClass = require('DB');
 var options = {}; = 'localhost';
 options.user = 'root';
 options.password = 'root';
 options.database = 'test';
 var db = new dbClass.DB(options);

Select statement

 db.sql = 'select * from test where id = ? and name=?';
 db.bindParams([id,name]);, results, fields){

Transaction statement

 db.sql = 'insert into test (name) values (?)';
 db.insertTransaction(['bharat'],function(err, info)
    id = info.insertId;

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